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RIMSD Awarded with $58,000 in Grants

The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation awarded $58,438 in PRIME Grants to 33 teachers of the RIMSD for the 2020-2021 school year. PRIME Grants are available for any teacher to fund innovative projects or new materials for their classrooms.

Teacher Grants – up to $1,500

Cindy Arkebauer, Eugene Field : $1,500 -  Learning from anywhere with STEM

Bri Arnold, RICMS: $1,500 - Interactive Learning in Kindergarten

Angie Brownson, Eugene Field: $1,500 - STEM-tastic Learning

Giovanna Davila, Thomas Jefferson: $850 - Music Making at Home

Rita Entsminger, RICMS: $1,445.75 - Scholastic News Digital Plus Science Spin and Technology

Kris Hayes, RICMS: $1,333.57 - Investigations & Explorations - The Learning Continues

Monica Hughes, Craig Sharp, RIHS: $1,500 - iJag Room Upgrade

Amy Moffit, Sarah Andrus, Alice Less, RICMS: $821.60 - 2020 Teacher Survival Kit

Heidi Nerud, RIHS: $875 - Inquiry-Based Online Science Simulations Using Gizmos

Leah Quintana, Frances Willard: $1,349.41 - Kinesthetic Classroom

Michelle Schneckloth, Eugene Field: $1,000 - Increasing Building Wide Social-Emotional Awareness

Haylie Selhost, Eugene Field: $1,312.03 - Flexibility for Cognitive Thinking

Shaya Smith, RICMS: $1245.12 - Technology and Text

Jennifer Trimble, RIHS: $1,338.95 - Dem bones Dem Bones Need Help Walking Around RIHS Again

Chad Wickard, RICMS: $1,493.72 - For the Love of Learning II


School & Departmental Grants – up to $3,000

Julie Churchill, RIHS: $1,188 - SimploCollege

Alexis DeWilde, Ridgewood: $2,468.12 - Virtually Reading: A Digital Classroom Library

Julie Hansen, RICMS: $2,950 - Brain Pop/Brain Pop Jr. Subscription

Elizabeth Hughes, Ridgewood: $2,000 Sensory Room

Angie Paprocki, Jennifer Knuth, Mary Justin, Denkmann: $3,000 - Hey Kindergarten-Let's Write!

Beth Raygor, Earl Hanson: $2,811.45 - A Better Space to Work, Read, and Collaborate

Alannah Alexander, Ruth Sherrard, Edison Jr. High: $2,955.70 - Trauma Sensitive Classroom Environment Implementation

Christi Varnes, Edison Jr. High: $3,000 - Projecting Our Learning through Tactile Engagement


District-wide Grants – up to $5,000

Giovana Davilla, All 4th-6th Graders: $4,000 - Instrument Kits for Remote Learning

Ramona Dixon, District: $5,000 - School Supplies for the 1st Day!

Jessica Matherly, RIHS: $5,000 - Rocky Resource Room

Krystall Trice, District: $5,000 - Family Engagement that Improves Student Achievement


PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants

PRIME Grants